Frequently Asked Questions, Part 1

Example of a log cabin that is being reconstructed

There are many questions that I get asked over and over again.  So, I thought I would share my answers to some of them here.  


  1. How did you get into this business?   I was working in the pool/spa business, which is slow in the off season and a relative asked me to help him dismantle a barn.  I enjoyed doing it and being in the pool business when I was traveling around I saw all the buildings that needed to be taken down so started finding buildings of my own while still working on pools.  Eventually I decided the reclaimed lumber business was more enjoyable.  
  2. Why do you love doing this so much?  I like that we are not filling the landfills with re-usable resources and the fact that we can save historic structures to be built.  I hate to see barns fall to the ground with so much material that could have been saved and turned into something useful and beautiful.  It's sad how many barns are beyond repair but I understand how expensive it can be to maintain them.  However, instead of leaving a dangerous building on a property I'd like to see them saved either as material or as a structure that could be rebuilt.  I like that the materials we save are being used to make furniture, flooring, homes, arts and crafts, and restaurants.  
  3. What makes you different from other people that take down barns?  I save as much good material as there is, not just what I can sell easily.  Many people will come in and just strip a barn of its siding and leave all the beautiful timbers/beams and other material behind.  I also operate on a contract basis where it will describe the terms as well as a finish by date, protecting both the land owner and myself.