FAQs Part 2

More questions I get asked regularly.  

4.  What has changed since you started in this business in 2000?  I save many building to be rebuilt, carefully labeling each part and drawing diagrams.  I used to just pull the barns over and recycle the individual parts and pieces.  Then I realized that many of these buildings are still in really good shape and could be rebuilt into beautiful buildings. The barns and sheds are often over 100 years old, built with large hand hewn timbers, wooden pegs and old square head nails!  It takes a lot more time to dismantle a barn for reconstruction than to simply demolish it but some of these timber frames are so beautiful they should be rebuilt to be enjoyed for another 100 years.   

5.  What skills do you need to take down a barn?  It isn’t as easy as many people think to SAFELY take down a barn.  It takes a lot of hands on experience to understand how a building goes together and which parts are crucial to structure stability.  Of course you have to watch where you step (nails), must listen to the building (creaks) and your co-workers, and watch what you are cutting (weight bearing posts).   It is also important to have good math skills, know how to use a hammer, crow bar, and chainsaw.  A good, strong back is also required but we do use heavy machinery (skid steer, telehandler) as well.  Knowledge of lumber and different species of wood is critical when selling the materials-customers expect to get what they ask for!